Multi Skype Launcher

Run multiple Skype accounts
on one computer

It has never been that easy


Let’s use an example to illustrate the installation and usage of Multi Skype Launcher.

Imagine Sherlock Holmes (SkypeID: sherlock.holmes640) and Dr. Watson (SkypeID: james.watson640) both use Skype sharing one computer. Logging in by turn is pretty bothering so they’ve decided to use Multi Skype Launcher.

Here’s what they need to do:

  • 1. Download file with Multiple Skype Launcher by following this link:
  • 2. Run the downloaded file.
    Run Multi Skype Launcher
  • 3. Follow these simple steps to complete installation.
    a) Click Next to start the Setup
    Set up Multi Skype Launcher
  • b) Click “Install”
    Install Multi Skype Launcher
  • c) Try to notice the installation bar :) Oh yeah, it’s that fast. We’ve provided the screenshot for all that missed it (this process will take only a second and it doesn’t require any actions).
  • d) Click Finish to complete the installation (please leave the check box ticked if you want to run Multi Skype recorder immediately)
  • 4. Here is the main window of Multi Skype Launcher. Add all Skype accounts you would like to run at the same time. Start by hitting the “Add” button.
    Run multiple=
  • 5. Enter details of first Skype account (Skype ID and password). Tick “Auto login” check box if you want to launch this Skype account each time your computer starts.
    Run Two Skypes on one computer
  • 6. Do the same for your second account.
    multiple skype loader
  • 7. Now Multi Skype Launcher lists all Skype accounts that will be launched simultaneously each time your computer starts. In case you want to launch any account manually just select it and press “Launch” button.
    Load multiple=
  • 8. Close Multi Skype Launcher window after you launch your Skype accounts. Now, each time you restart your computer Multi Skype Launcher will launch listed Skype accounts automatically.
  • 9. If you’ve asked Multi Skype Launcher to start your Skype accounts when Windows starts, we recommend deselecting this option in Skype. In order to do it, please open your Skype window, click “Options” in “Tools” section of your Skype menu and make sure check box “Start Skype when I start Windows” is not ticked (just as on the screenshot below).